Tubes de l’été

Little Ethnic Song – Dinosaur
Birds Fly High – Wonderful Broken Thing
Teu Bem – Patife Band
Not The Same – Handy with Shovels
A Lot Less (demo) – Sub Society
Plastic – Plaid Retina
AM Rap – DJ Dex/Mike Ternasky
Roam Around – Wonderful Broken Thing
Another Crime – Milk
The Isolator – Sub Society
Brave Captain – fIREHOSE
Coolidge – Descendents
Whats So Strange About Me!! – Eight Dayz
Freak Scene – Dinosaur Jr.
My War – Black Flag
Traneing In – John Coltrane
Just Like Heaven – Dinosaur Jr.
The Knife Song – Milk
Real World – Husker Du
Theres A War – Jason Lee
Hard Corey – Sub Society
White Cross – Sonic Youth
Paraniod Chant – Minutemen
Leave Me All Alone – Eight Dayz
Standin’ On The Verge – JFA
Gun And A Tear – Kirk And The Jerks
Squeaky Wheel – Sub Society
Hate – Olivelawn
I Felt Like A Gringo – Minutemen
Keep My Soul Awake – Farside
The Wagon – Dinosaur Jr
Rockstar – Sub Society
Self Inflicted Pain – Potential Threat
Sleep Talk – Sub Society
Telephone Betty – Loopzilla
They Always Come – Dinosaur Jr
To Be A Hero – Kirk And The Jerks
What Gets Heard – fIREHOSE
Your Not A Punk – Spermbirds
Nervous nightmare – Handy with Shovels
Girls, Guys & Trains – Wonderful Broken Thing


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