Best of the West 2012

Saturday 28 January – Sunday 29 January 12 – 19h Oostende Skatepark de Veiling

OOSTENDE (De veiling – Longchamplaan 29 – 059/510176)

Wed. 25/01/2012: Practice: 14h00-18h00, free entrance
Fri. 27/01/2012: Practice: 17h00-21h00, free entrance

Sat. 28/01/2012: Contest nonsponsered skaters. Doors: 13h00. Afterparty at jeugdhuis de Korre – 21h00.

Sun. 29/01/2012: Contest sponsored skaters. Doors: 13h00
Finals nonsponsered and sponsored skaters.

The contest for nonsponsored skaters will take place on Saturdays.
The contest for sponsored skaters on Sundays.
All finals will take place on Sundays.
Nonsponsored skaters will skate in two categories:
14y & younger / 15y & older.

Saturday 28/01/2012 Contest Non Sponsored
13:00: Doors open + Registration
14:00: Qualification 14y & younger
15:00: Qualification 15y & older
16:00: Semi-Finals 14y & younger
17:00: Semi-Finals 15y & older

Sunday 29/01/2012 Contest Sponsored
13:00: Registration Sponsored
14:00: Qualification Sponsored
16:00: Finals 14y & younger nonsponsored
16:30: Finals 15y & older nonsponsored
17:15: Finals Sponsored
18:00: Prizeceremoney

Want more info?

Skatepark Veiling, Longschampslaan, 8400 Oostende, Tel:059563122
Sat 28/01 Doors Non-Sponsored 13h-19h
Sun 29/01 Doors Sponsored 13h-19h


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